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Constanze Kurz

me Computer scientist


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From 2005 to April 2011, I was Research Assistant at the chair Computers in Education and Society of Prof. Wolfgang Coy.
This website will not be updated anymore.

Lectures (in German)

Winter 2010/11

Seminar Netzneutralität
with Stefan Ullrich: Proseminar Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten

Summer 2010

Proseminar Verantwortung und Ethik in der Informatik
Multimedia in der Schule
Didaktische Konzepte des Jugendmedienschutzes

Winter 2009/10

Seminar Computerisierte Wahlen und Wahlcomputer
with Stefan Klumpp and Jörg Pohle: Seminar Dystopien der Informatik
Unterrichtsplanung in der Informatik

Summer 2009

Winter 2008/09

Summer 2008

Hauptseminar Fachdidaktik

Winter 2007/08

Seminar Didaktik in der Informatik

Summer 2007

Winter 2006/07

Hauptseminar Fachdidaktik

Summer 2006

Winter 2005/06

Hauptseminar Fachdidaktik

Summer 2005

Summer 2004


Die Datenfresser - Wie Internetfirmen und Staat sich unsere persönlichen Daten einverleiben und wie wir die Kontrolle darüber zurückerlangen, is a book written by Frank Rieger and me, published on April 12th, 2011.

2010 was the year when Picknick mit Cyborgs – Ein interdisziplinäres Gespräch über die alltägliche Vernetzung came out, written by Udo Thiedeke and me.

In 2009, Gewissensbisse - Ethische Probleme der Informatik was published. It is a collaborative book written by Debora Weber-Wulff, Christina Class, Wolfgang Coy, David Zellhöfer, and me.

In 2007, 1984.exe - Gesellschaftliche, politische und juristische Aspekte moderner Überwachungstechnologien was published in January 2008. The 2nd edition is now available.



In February 2010 I started to write a column for the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung every two weeks about the hacker's view on political issues: Aus dem Maschinenraum (German).

Die Hörspiel-Werkstatt

scripts of the Audio Features (mostly German, some English)

Research on Computer History and John von Neumann

A joint paper "Why not bomb them today? - Das politische Wirken John von Neumanns" (German) with Marcus Richter is available under a Creative Commons License.

Voting Computers

E-Voting is not only the topic of my dissertation. Together with some activists from Austria I sometimes write at (German). Some more information and documents can be found here (mostly German).


Voting Computers

At the workshop Black Box Enlightenment - A skeptical view on eVoting which Stefan and I had organized, we had some very interesting discussions about the issue of eVoting and the new situation after the decision of the German Constitutional Court in March 2009.


On the 25c3 in Berlin 2008, which I helped to organize, I also gave some talks. You can find the recordings of four talks here (German only): Datenpannen, Grundrecht auf digitale Intimsphäre, Der elektronische Personalausweis and CCC-Jahresrückblick 2008.



I am contributing on occasion to Gewissensbits (German), the group blog of a team of scientists who are interested in ethical problems in computer science, started in 2009.